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Disaster Response

Regarding Don Cox’s letter “Development Disaster” (Feb. 17): Cox complained that the Town Council denied the General Plan Amendment request to change the land use/rezoning from commercial to residential for the Kai parcel at First and Tangerine.

He also spoke in favor of this amendment during the Jan. 6 public hearing when he stated that the reason Oro Valley Marketplace never lived up to its expectations was that “the land to the west, north and east of the Marketplace is vacant.”  He asserted that the reason Big Lots and Dick’s Sporting Goods and others closed at OVM was related “to the fact that the residential density close to the Oro Valley Marketplace is very low.”  Why then is Wal-Mart still open when they have the same amount of residential homes nearby?

Cox is unwittingly arguing with himself. Back in 2006, when he was running for Town Council and OVM was still in the proposal stages, he was all for commercial development in that area and said that if he won the election, he would vote to approve Oro Valley Marketplace. He never spoke in opposition to it or claimed that it would fail because the land to the west, north, and east was vacant.

In the Feb. 8, 2006, edition of The Explorer, Cox said: “The fact is the sales tax and other revenue for Oro Valley generated by the Oro Valley Marketplace will be a great benefit to the citizens of our community. With that revenue, Oro Valley can build and maintain more and better parks, hire more police personnel and have additional funds to maintain our roadways.”

At this point, it’s evident that Don Cox is just a shill for developers and the former Hiremath-council pro-growth agenda. He will get behind any development proposal and simply alter his arguments to fit the development of the day.

Diane Peters, Oro Valley residen


Unnecessary spending

Less than $100 billion out of the $1,9 trillion Democratic “relief package” is directed at activities related to COVID relief. The remainder funds Democrat boondoggles. The economy is recovering very well and needs no further stimulus. Enhanced unemployment benefits keep workers sidelined on a taxpayer-funded vacation while businesses (and customers) languish for lack of workers. The $1,400 giveaway is completely unnecessary for the economy to prosper. Then there is the $500 billion included to pay off debts of irresponsible blue state politicians and unions, zero of which will benefit Arizona, Arizona being a well run state that pays its bills.

Of the $1,900 billion “relief package,” exactly zero of it is funded. Every dime is borrowed: future taxpayers, including Arizonans who will receive negligible benefit from the giveaway, will be forced to repay the debt. The debt monkey will be on the backs of Arizona with essentially no benefit.

Democrat Sens. Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema know the $1,9 trillion “relief package” is unfunded and that Arizona will be on the hook to pay it back. So why are they backing an unfunded boondoggle that puts Arizona on the hook for paying it back, when Arizona receives essentially no benefit from the $1,9 trillion? Clearly, their interests are those of the party elites in Washington and elsewhere and not the local Arizonans. 

They need to understand they were elected to represent the interests of Arizona, not the party elites.

Rick Cunnington, Oro Valley Resident


Far Left News 

The Explorer, which purports to be the voice of Marana, Oro Valley and NW Tucson, is not. 

It is the voice of the left wing, progressive, socialists.

Their front-page, full-length articles are nothing but left-wing propaganda.

They think they are speaking to the choir but are blind to the fact that most residents are either conservatives or moderates.

Every publication is the same dribble of Trump-hating dysfunction.

Now, most none leftists actually have a life and are now consumed with political hatred for the opposing views. Leftists are actually the minority but they make the most noise and throw a fit if their views can not gain a prominent position in all sectors of society.

Just watch what the response will be to this letter to the editor if they actually print it.

 Daniel Cervantes, Pima County resident


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