Pusch to Shove 

It is important to know that our issue goes beyond golf versus no golf. 

The town acquired some extraordinary assets from HSL in its purchase in 2015.  MetLife, the prior owners of the resort, had just spent $650,000 on the tennis courts a few years before HSL acquired the resort. These courts are well used by the town residents and attract many out-of-town tournaments which often stay at the resort and other Oro Valley hotels. The resort sold these tennis courts to the town along with the Pusch Ridge golf course. 

It seems to me the town still has an obligation to take care of both of these valuable assets in ways that is consistent with the four-diamond resort if the town wants the benefits of the tax proceeds from out-of-town guests. The town has now managed these facilities for more than five years. As far as I know, there has been no leaseback discussions for tennis. Certainly, the operation of tennis cannot be a financial burden to the town as the critics claim with regard to golf.

Why then is there a Hilton sign still at the entrance of the tennis shop? Why did no one clean the sidewalk of olives before this scheduled event?  Why is the “X9” sign still up? Why has the lawn not been maintained? What’s with the easel as a communications vehicle? Why is there a sign pointing to a long-closed golf shop?

This is an issue of town management failing to be good stewards of its valuable recreational assets.  Hopefully, you can understand our lack of confidence in the open-space option presented versus allowing a professional golf operator to restore Pusch to golf.

Anthony D’Angelo, Oro Valley Resident


Development Disaster 

I found the Explorer’s Feb. 10 headline, “Oro Valley Town Council shoots down Kai-Capri development,” a reasonably good description of what happened the evening of Feb 2.

Secondly, I have to applaud Councilmember Jones-Ivey for making the opportunity to pass this well laid-out proposal even possible.

Having spent 10+ years on the Oro Valley Planning and Zoning Commission I have never seen a rezoning/General Plan Amendment brought forward with such a wide range of support. The plan was supported by a majority of the town council, the town planning staff, the council’s hand-picked planning and zoning commission, the Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce, representing 100+ regional businesses, the Oro Valley Hospital, the UA School of Veterinary Medicine, Oro Valley Marketplace, one former town council member, the recently retired director of community development from Oro Valley, every business located at the intersection of 1st Avenue and Tangerine Road that chose to opine and the vast majority of local citizens who chose to opine.

Only one member of the Oro Valley Town Council offered any verbal opposition and two council members sat there like bumps on a log and said nothing. That’s sad.

The negative outcome (it needed a super-majority of 5 yes votes) was a shot across the bow of the Oro Valley business community. The three council members (Barrett/Nicholson/Bohen) who voted no demonstrated a callous disregard for the needs of the local business owners.

Oro Valley residents deserve better than these three elected officials.

Don Cox, Oro Valley Resident


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