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Regarding Feb. 13 letter “A Little Knowledge”: I want to thank Mr. Cox for the courteous and friendly way in which he responded to my Feb. 6 input to one of his recent and frequent submissions to The Explorer’s. Also, I appreciate that he shared his obviously superior knowledge to inform me that Oro Valley is a town and not a city—again, thank you—what a nice guy.

And, as to Rosemarie Gomez’s comment about reducing the constant printing of political grievances, I agree with her; however, one opinion per person/per year seems a bit restrictive.

— Rosalie Wright, Oro Valley



The Department of Defense has allocated $2.5 billion in fiscal year 2019 for counternarcotics (Wall Street Journal, Feb. 16), intended to be used for illegal drug interdiction. Stopping the flow of illegal drugs is the definition of interdiction, and as such it is appropriate for the president to direct those funds to be used for a physical barrier.

Counternarcotics is an annual DoD appropriation ongoing since 1988. Building the border barrier is a one-time expense that will stop the flow of illegal narcotics into the U.S. across the southern border, and negate the need for any future DoD counternarcotics appropriations. The barrier is cheaper in the long run. 

Opposing the border barrier by Democrats can  be construed as support for the flow of illegal drugs into the US. The only reason to support the flow of illegal drugs is because there is a benefit. A legitimate question is therefore how much money is being funneled to the Democrat party by the drug cartels to keep the illegal drug pipeline open?

—Rick Cunnington, Oro Valley



Regarding Feb. 13 letter “Rightly So”: It certainly didn’t take Mr. Zinkin long to respond to my letter. After a gratuitous introductory section complimenting me, he got right down to his real purpose, which proved the precise point I was making in my initial letter better than if I’d ghost written his piece myself. He attacked the golf members at El Conquistador as the problem at the golf courses.

In doing so, he repeated an often used tactic of his by selectively using information, and sometimes distorting it. First, he accurately stated that members paid $784,071 in dues revenue to the town during the last fiscal year. What he neglected to add, because it doesn’t fit his narrative, is that during that fiscal year members also paid the town revenues of $221,435 in golf cart and trail fees, and another $260,963 in food, beverage and merchandise revenues, for a total of over $1.25 million in revenues to the town from members. Those are significant revenues, but if the number needs to be raised, let’s have that conversation, not just attack people. 

He also stated that the golf courses benefited 226 members during the last fiscal year. It’s a small thing, but that number does not represent individual citizens, it represents memberships, a large number of which are comprised of families involving more than one person. And, there was no mention of the number of Oro Valley residents who played golf at El Conquistador on a daily fee basis. Of the 25,382 such rounds played, the estimate of around 12,500 being played by Oro Valley residents, which is less than 50 percent, is not unreasonable.

In my opinion, based upon several years of observation, Mr. Zinkin has become exceedingly adept at dividing people, but makes no discernible effort to bring them together. Sadly, that was not always the case.

—Michael Schoeppach, Oro Valley

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