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Congrats, Ed!

Regarding Oct. 3 column “Marana will miss Ed Stolmaker”: Congratulations to Ed Stolmaker on his successful tenure representing the interests of local business as president and CEO of the Marana Chamber of Commerce. He has earned the right to play more golf and spend time with family.

—Mark Mittelstadt, Marana

Pelosi Puppet

The obstructionism, chaos, hatred, vitriol and constant demonstrations oozing daily from the left represent the party of Kirsten Sinema.  Sinema is masquerading as some sort of independent.  However, her megaphone mouth and voting record prove just the opposite, that Sinema is a Pelosi Puppet.  She clearly supports the entire hard left radical extremist agenda of the Democrat party and is in lockstep with them.  Her record and words prove that her values are those of the hard left radical extremists.  She is completely out of step with AZ. If elected she will cram her values down our throats, whether we want it or not, which should be terrifying to any rational person.  

Elections are about the lesser of evils.  You can chose radical extremism in the guise of Kirsten Sinema, or you can chose your prosperity and your freedom.  Tyranny or freedom and prosperity?  The choice should be obvious.  

—Rick Cunnington, Oro Valley

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