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Welcomed Hush

Regarding Nov. 7 letter “Protecting Oro Valley”: Today is Thursday Nov. 8, a beautiful sunny morning. It’s a great day for the Town of Oro Valley.  We have a new mayor and three new councilmembers. A long sigh of relief. A quiet hush has settled into our community since Aug. 29. Our local Starbucks and neighborhood gyms are no longer filled with constant conversations surrounding the previous mayor and his minions. The council’s dismissive attitude toward residents and their view of Oro Valley’s future has finally come to an end. We look forward to a new direction for Oro Valley. 

Our new mayor and council have heard our cries and have promised to listen. Yes, they are new to the process, they will have on-the-job training, but so did those who came before them. I appreciate they spent the last few months thanking the people of Oro Valley for their support. They have also called for open dialogue with the community, something not found in the previous council. 

A letter in the Nov. 7 Explorer expressed concerns the new mayor and council’s silence since the election suggested they had no plan for the future. I wholeheartedly disagree. They won the election based on their vision for the future of Oro Valley. Listening to the community was a major issue in this election. So right now that’s all they need to do. Just hear us, listen to our concerns. It’s why we elected them.  They only just took office yesterday. I think they need time see what lies ahead. 

I wish them all the best. I believe Oro Valley’s quiet hush is a good thing. To paraphrase former mayor Hiremath: Actually, life gets better!

—Patti Clemente, 

Oro Valley 


Quit Griping

Regarding Nov. 7 letter “Protecting Oro Valley”: It wasn’t a surprise, and it was a long needed change. Please accept the fact that by a large margin this was the will of the people and quit your griping and give them a chance to do what they were elected to do.

—Steve Alverdes, 

Oro Valley


Power Line Problem

Regarding Nov. 7 letter “Spare Us”: I would like to tell Ms. Berkowitz not to hold her breath waiting for the “silver colored electrical towers” to be buried any place in Oro Valley, high voltage direct current HVDC transmission lines are very seldom buried, especially after the towers have already been installed. There are several reasons for not burying HVDC lines, type and cost of construction, environmental issues and operational issues.

Burying HVDC lines require larger conduits and duct banks, then having to encase them in concrete, covering it all with 4 to 5 feet of thermal fill to dissipate heat, then building vaults every 1,000 to 2,000 feet to allow for access to testing and repair. An acre size transition station would be needed where the lines go from overhead to underground.

Failures in underground lines are very costly to repair and they take longer to locate the exact location of the problem, so outages last longer and cost more.

The environment issues are due to tearing up the earth to bury the lines and the larger foot print due to the transition stations and the vaults.

There is slim to no chance of those HVDC towers disappearing anytime in the near future.

Ms. Berkowitz, next time you call TEP (or anyone else) with a question like you asked you should give them more information about what you are talking about, then you might get a correct answer.

—Greg Steed, Oro Valley



Lazy Reporting

Regarding Nov. 7 article “Veterans Workforce Initiative Now Online”: A glaring insult arises from the front page to page 20. What is obviously a model is sloppily dressed as a soldier, long hair down her back, posing as a member of the service. As a veteran of 2-plus years of service and a female NCO, I am tired of news media using models and then not doing their homework because no one cares except those military folks who might not notice. 

Long hair is not acceptable by any branch of the service unless it is properly dressed. The sloppy uniform is a disgusting reminder that civilians do not have any idea who we are or what that uniform stands for. It is lazy reporting at best and sycophancy at worst. Take your head out of your third-point of contact and at least try to fake it right the next time. 

—Susan Ritz, Master Sergeant, Retired, Tucson

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