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Name Blame

Our illustrious Mayor Satish Hiremath has allegedly been posting propaganda in his daughter’s name on the Next Door Site, in response to residents’ criticism.  

The criticisms are extremely relevant since they highlight his unwise and sometimes detrimental past decisions  such as the money-losing purchase of the El Conquistador property and golf courses, as well as the bond recently passed by the mayor and council. Both these actions were done without voter approval. 

A secondary property tax was also proposed last November that did require voter approval.  This bond issue was defeated by a majority of the voters, spurred by the Axe the Tax movement.  

After eight years as mayor, most Oro Valley residents are fed up with Hiremath’s spending spree and over development policies. This group rarely sees a rezoning or development proposal it doesn’t approve.  This rubber stamp council has voted unanimously in most crucial matters in the past years.

Fortunately, this is an election year. This is your opportunity to replace the fiscally irresponsible mayor and his lock step voting council. Four of the seven members of the council are up for re-election including the mayor.

 —Rudy Roszak

Editor’s Note: Rudy Roszak is a former member of the Oro Valley Town Council from the ’90s. 



Keep the council

We moved to Oro Valley from San Diego because the town has the reputation as being the safest place in Arizona; in the top ten safest suburbs in the nation; one of America’s best places to raise kids; and the best small city for living in Arizona.

The incumbent town council: Mayor Hiremath and councilmembers Hornat, Snider and Waters have led this community through a huge deficit in a recession, maintaining a budget surplus during their eight years of service. 

Town council has been criticized. Opposition to the formation of an Oro Valley Water Utility, creation of a regional Sun Shuttle Dial-a-Ride, the Oro Valley Marketplace and Branch Library. Criticism, however, without solutions impedes progress. Teddy Roosevelt said, “It is not the critic who counts, but…the man who is actually in the arena.”

Ryan George of Simple View, headquartered in Oro Valley has a favorite quote: 

“If you build a place where people want to live, you will build a place where people want to work ... If you build a place where people want to work, you will build a place where business has to be ... If we build a place where business has to be, we will be back to building a place where people have to visit.” 

Mr. George says, “I believe the Town of Oro Valley has done an excellent job of building just that sort of a place and we can’t wait to bring our business, staff and visitors to the community.” 

I could not agree more.

— Thomas E. Dreisinger



Wildlife Danger

Recently, a neighbor’s dog was taken from his yard by a coyote, brutally attacked and killed.  Three weeks later a coyote reentered the same yard and attacked their other small dog, who luckily escaped after receiving three bites which required medical care.

I have been advised by other residents of incidents involving coyotes and bobcats that have attacked and killed their pets, not only in their yards, but while walking them.  There have also been mountain lion sightings.

A wild animal does not know the difference between a small child, baby or pet when they enter our space and cause these senseless attacks.

In addition, there has not been one notice advising residents of these wildlife threats, nor have any steps been taken by Dr. Hiremath and his officials to correct this problem.

As our mayor decides to run for another term he should consider the many voters who reside in this community he calls “safe,” voters who feel terrorized and victims.  Many of us do not feel safe walking our pets or leaving them alone in their yards.

If I can save one life by advising residents of the wildlife threat in this community, then I feel content, but not satisfied until something is done to correct the problem.

—Karen Russo



Local Competition

Regarding June 27 article “Oro Valley Town Manager reviews the coming fiscal year”: The review reveals how far the town of Oro Valley has ventured over the past three-and-a-half years into the realm of private businesses in competition with established local enterprises. The ill-fated venture into the golf business has received plenty of comment much of it negative. One local golf operation has already announced its decision to close down. But looking further, the golf venture brought with it a restaurant business that competes with local restaurants. But that’s not all. Wellness and fitness areas will be expanded, competing with local fitness businesses.

The Town will spend millions in the coming years on these facilities without a vote of the residents

Is this what we expect from local government? Tax dollars supporting golf for a limited number of town residents? Tax dollars subsidizing a restaurant and a fitness center? How did the town council find these activities to be part of the Town’s responsibilities to its residents?

As a 26-year resident of Oro Valley, I urge residents to consider where the mayor and council  have been leading us.

—Charles Walton

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