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Regarding April 17 Q&A “Talking hoops with University of Arizona women’s basketball coach Adia Barnes”: Thank you for your article in the Explorer. The program has arisen from the ashes under Adia’s leadership to a competitive and successful program at the U of A. It was exciting to see the team grow and raise their level of play consistently over the year. The team also has a record breaking academic record that is a reflection of Adia’s quality of students that she recruits. My wife and I have been working closely with the team and have witnessed a transformation of women’s basketball under Adia’s leadership. Truly remarkable! 

The crowds got continually larger as the year progressed not only because of their success but because of the likability factor of the team, coaches and players. Next year’s recruiting class is an excellent one and will further the program’s development and contention for a national championship. Great things have occurred this past year and more excitement is yet to come. The team is ready to make the shift from a good team to a great team!

—Steve Corben, Oro Valley



While many of our leaders are pointing fingers and grandstanding on the important issues, it’s good to see that we have leaders putting aside party politics to make Arizonans lives better. One example is Sen. McSally and Congressman Grijalva working together to put together our drought contingency plan and push it through Congress. Another is Sen. Kyrsten Sinema avoiding the unrealistic Medicare for all plan and working across the aisle on ideas to improve the health care we have instead of the one that is an unrealistic dream. 

As long as there is a divided, partisan, and dysfunctional Congress, we will need leaders to work with each other in the state to make things better. It’s easy to complain about our leaders in Washington, but we should also give credit where credit is due.

—Akhil Mulgaonker, Tucson



Democrats and the main stream media will never accept that Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential election. They continue to refer to him as a “Do Nothing” and “Crooked” President and “Impeachment” is the daily word. 

If this is all true, why is his approval more than double that of Congress? $25 million and two years to determine if there was collusion between Trump and Russia and none was found, but Congressman Schiff claimed to have proof there was. If so, why didn’t he produce it and save us that expense?

Now that the report is in their hands accept it, and start solving the many problems facing our country such as immigration, health care, infrastructure, education etc. rather than spend more money disputing the Mueller report

—Henry Sheetz, Oro Valley

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