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Surprise...surprise...the Marana News is a left- wing paper, or does it lean right?

I have been reading the Marana News for a little over 15 years, and never thought of it as a political paper, leaning neither right nor left. It appeared to be similar to a high school newsletter, providing information about the community, local city council activities, and some general interest stories. It seems to have a particular appetite for the Oro Valley City Council, telling us who’s in, and who’s out, much like the info of a high school gossip sheet.

But having a political leaning either to the right or left. Unlikely. The only political leanings appear in the Voices section and the infrequent editorial opinion.

Paul Eyssautier, Tucson

Marketing Genius

Let’s take a breath...and a breath of fresh air! 

In last week’s issue of the Explorer, 5 of the 6 letters to the Editor had to do with political issues. The election is over. Let’s move on to items that actually have something to do with how we can enjoy living now.

I have sent two submissions to the editor about a fun activity we in Oro Val- ley and Marana can do right now. They were not included in any of the issues in February or so far in March. Not sure why, as they definitely provide a welcome activity in which all citizens can participate.

The Oro Valley Historical Society is providing outdoor docent-led tours of Steam Pump Ranch on the second and fourth Saturdays in March and April from 10 a.m. to noon. We are following CDC protocols (temperature check, mask-wearing, groups of no more than six). Learn about the historic Steam Pump Ranch and its past residents and enjoy being in our beautiful area.

EVERYONE is welcome — no matter your political affiliation! A $5 donation to the historical society will be very welcome to continue our mission to promote research, preservation, education, and dissemination of history related to the greater Oro Valley area.

Come one come all!

Devon Sloan, Tucson

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