Letters to Editor


Regarding Feb. 6 letter “Unjust Vilification”: Mr. Schoeppach, thank you for your work for this community. It’s folks like you that make this town the special place it is. And I agree with you, name calling accomplishes nothing. 

But remember, the general population did not want to purchase that property, yet the sale passed by one vote, so understandably there is still some anger in the community. I do believe that the current administration is a fair minded group and will try to come to a middle ground, but to reach that, it will require both sides to give in and give up something—that’s how the middle ground is reached. 

I do feel for you; I’ve been privy to conversations about other golf course HOA’s and the affect that closings and renovations have had on property values. But something has to give, and I hope that both sides can come to the table and reach that middle ground. 

—Kathryn Hull-Butkus, Oro Valley


Regarding Feb. 13 letter “New Rules?”: I would like to second writer Rosemarie Gomez’s new rule. I also enjoy reading The Explorer. However, I do scan the names in the Voices section because I know I will invariably stumble upon Don Cox. 

Does he have a stake in the newspaper? Giving him a soapbox to stand upon is not positive for the community.

—Rosanna Rooker , Oro Valley



I am a young person born and raised in Southern Arizona who is extremely concerned about climate change, and its effects on both local and global communities and ecosystems. I have a degree in ecology, which has taught me to value the natural world and want to preserve human life and the environmental processes we rely upon. 

Unfortunately, there is very little time left for the United States to transform our economic reliance on fossil fuels that have already done measurable damage and will do so much more to our global climate. A Green New Deal, which so far is only in its first stages of development, has the potential to create millions of green jobs and be popular with a wide range of citizens, regardless of party or location. 

It is vital that any potential presidential candidate support the Green New Deal resolution so that young people like me, especially those from groups most at risk from the effects of climate change, can have a chance to lead lives free of fear that a warming climate will destroy their homes or livelihoods. 

Please, support U.S. Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Markey’s resolution, and don’t squander its potential to allow us to escape from the stranglehold big oil and gas has on American politics. 

—Kelly Liska, Tucson

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