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Regarding March 20 article: “Oro Valley seeks to silence nuisance pets”: Excellent and in-depth article regarding barking dogs. However, it’s begging several questions. 

Should someone in a residential neighborhood be allowed to breed and raise so many dogs? Should someone in a residential neighborhood be allowed to have a small kennel operation in their backyard, even if it is solely for their own dogs? Shouldn’t a responsible breeder have their breeding and kennels on a larger property where the neighbors are insulated from the noise via distance between neighbors? 

It seems that the laws that were instituted should have addressed the underlying cause, as well as the noise and nuisance factors. Are there laws in place to hinder someone from raising five, seven, 10, or even 15 dogs in a residential neighborhood?

Ron Porter, Tucson



Regarding March 20 article: “Oro Valley seeks to silence nuisance pets”: Reading the article reminded me of a time in another city and state where we had a barking dog problem.  A lady moved into a house in the neighborhood with her barking dog.  Perhaps someone told her she could stop the barking by getting another dog to keep her dog company.  Another dog showed up on the property and it was one of the opposite sex.  Without a degree in biology you can figure out what happened next.  Soon we had two barking adult dogs and many yipping little puppies.  

Animal control was contacted and I was informed that I had to put my complaint in writing for them to act.  A letter was sent to them and they responded the next week with a package of forms describing the address of the dogs, description of the dogs, my name and address and phone.  I diligently filled out the forms and mailed them in.  A week or so later I got a response along with a copy of the letter that was sent to the owner, a case file number, name and phone number of a contact.  I called the contact and spoke to a person who told me that if the barking continued to contact them again and they suggested that I keep a log of the times the dogs barked and for how long.  I did as I was instructed and sent the log as well as videos of the barking dogs to the contact person.

Another 15 days passed and I called to speak to the contact person who said, they had made contact with the owner and made sure the dogs had licenses – got to get that revenue.  I asked what the next step would be and was told they would get back to me.  I called the next week and my file was nowhere to be found.  Later I received another package from Animal Control just like the one I originally filled out.  

Relief came when the lady and her pack of dogs moved.  I guess this lady considered herself an animal lover, but I never saw her walk any of the dogs, take them anywhere, groom any of them, bathe any of them, and I never witnessed her using a pooper scooper.  She was merely an animal hoarder.

Earl Hamilton, Tucson

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