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Supporting Napier

Regarding Sept. 12 guest column “Pima Supervisors made a bad call…”: I would like to commend Sheriff Napier on his column about Operation Stonegarden. He provided us with the correct information. The Sheriff ‘s Department has their hands tied  with regards to immigration laws. When the government provides you with a grant, you accept it. Future grants may be withheld. This money is needed for equipment and public safety. This is a politically motivated decision.

Maybe we should use our voting rights to change the Board of Supervisors next time they are up for re-election.

—Tony Masterjohn



Garcia for Gov

Unless I am misreading the tea leaves, if you don’t want to see Martha McSally in the Senate, do not vote to re-elect Gov. Ducey; vote for David Garcia for governor instead.

If McSally loses to Kyrsten Sinema for Senate, Gov. Ducey in 2019 is likely to replace Jon Kyl (in John McCain’s seat) with McSally. So even by losing an election, McSally could still end up in the Senate. If you vote for David Garcia and he wins, the new governor will not appoint McSally whether or not Jon Kyl serves in McCain’s seat only through January, 2019 as he has implied.

Of course there are many other good reasons to vote for David Garcia, who understands the need to increase support to our teachers and schools. But keeping McSally out of the Senate is another consideration.

—Lois Berkowitz

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