Ed. Note: UA men's basketball player Matt Brase has agreed to write a weekly journal of the Cats journey through the Pac-10 and NCAA tournaments.

Well, we didn't quite accomplish our goals for this weekend at the Pac-10 tournament. We fought hard in the championship game, but we came up a little short (81-72) against Washington.

The atmosphere throughout the week was all business. We arrived on Wednesday and went to the conference banquet with all the other teams. It's a weird feeling being in a room with all your possible opponents and having to eat a meal with them. The good thing about the banquet was that I got to spend some time with my sister and catch up with my junior college friend, Tre Simmons, from Washington. I spent the rest of the week either hanging out in the hotel or at Staples Center.

For the NCAA selection show, a group of us went to Old Chicago to see where the committee was going to send us this year. We are all satisfied with our seeding and believe that we have what it takes to go all the way to St. Louis. I've never been to Boise, Idaho, before, but I do have some friends that go to college out there, so it will be cool to catch up with them and see how they have been doing.

The team is ready to go, and everyone is excited for the tournament. We have been preparing for this moment since our early exit last season. Over the last few weeks, the mood has changed in the locker room. Everyone is extremely focused, and we all have our eyes on one goal. We understand that it takes one game at a time, and that begins Thursday. See ya next week. Let the madness begin.

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