Although, most may think having a twin would involve a lot of competitiveness and rivalry, 2011 CDO graduates Kami and Kalyn Humphrey are just the opposite.

"We support each other," said Kami. "I am more competitive and she's not as much so when we're playing I'm more intense, I think. She just doesn't add any stress and she's a calming person."

The sophomore twins play key roles on their current Pima Community College volleyball team. The shorter of the two, Kalyn at a height of 5-4, plays libero while her sister Kami leads the team as starting setter.

Kami and Kalyn started playing volleyball in sixth grade while at the time living in Jacksonville, Wyoming. Both say that their mom, who was once a college volleyball player, encouraged them to play. The twins didn't just stick to one sport though. By the time they reached high school, both attended CDO High School and for all four years played basketball and track as well.

Even though the twins played majority of their sports together, both noticed that each other was talented in different ways.

"She is more athletic than I am. So we both knew that and so we weren't competitive over who made what team," said Kalyn. "When we play I do what I can while Kami is more of a leader since she's the setter."

Once senior year arrived, only Kami was certain that she wanted to play collegiate volleyball. After some persuading from Kami, Kalyn decided that she would tryout for the team and as we all know, if one twin makes the team, it's natural that the other one must make it as well.

"Well we're twins so obviously we have to play together," said Kalyn jokingly.

Kami agrees with her sister and adds that they share a connection that cannot be shared with anyone else, because of the fact that they are twins.

So far, the women’s' volleyball team has gotten off to a solid start. Their current record is 11-8, which is a drastic change from last years no win season. With such a solid start, the twins are hopeful for a good season. For Kami, some of the hopes may have already been fulfilled as she was recently selected for the Division II conference player of the week.

The twins not only excel on the court, but off the court as well. Both are talented in the arts. Kami is pursuing a major in music with the desire to sing professionally in the future. Much of her passion for music came from her dad, Bryan Humphrey, who is a professional Country Western singer. She hopes to continue playing volleyball and track after finishing at PCC. On the other hand, Kalyn aspires to have a career in art advertising with an emphasis in graphic design and hopes to attend Arizona State University.

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