The Canyon Del Oro High School football team is looking for a fast start and plans to keep the momentum going through the season.

Last season, the team started out 0-4 and ended 4-6, which is something head coach Dustin Peace doesn’t want his team to repeat in the new season.

“We are excited and we have a lot of returners coming back,” Peace said. “For us, it’s just going to be in the early games and starting out as fast as we can. I think that’s one of the things that bogged us down last year. We started the season 0-4. It’s tough to keep spirits up when you start a season like that.”

For CDO, they will travel to play Nogales for the season opener and then play Agua Fria and Ironwood Ridge at home. The Dorados will then travel and play Cienega.

The team lost a few key players like running back Isaac Chacon and their quarterback after the 2012 season.

“Our top receiver is back from last year, Tommy Sawyer. And also JJ Metz, who is our tight end, is back,” Peace said. “Even though we lost Isaac, who is a heck of a player for us, we got more speed in the back this year than we had last year, which we are excited about.”

This will also be junior lineman Jared McElmell’s third year in a row starting for the Dorados, which Peace said always helps out when a player can bring that knowledge and experience up front.

He said junior Mike Udorvich is one of the team’s best defensive players. As long as he stays injury free, Peace knows he will be a great asset to the team.

John Jackson is one of the team’s biggest players at 6-foot, 3-inches and 255 pounds. Jackson has already been getting a lot of attention from universities.

“If we can get him playing full-speed all the time, he can be a special one,” Peace said.

This will be Peace’s fifth season as head coach for the Dorados.

The Dorados open the season away on Aug. 30 in Nogales.

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