Isaiah Roebuck

Around 25 years ago, Isaiah Roebuck’s dad, Sean, was a standout athlete in three sports—football, basketball, and baseball. It was around that time that club teams began emerging from the shadows and specialization in one sport (year-round) began to take hold. Back in the mid-1990s, it wasn’t totally weird for someone to play three sports for his/her high school, but it was certainly unique to excel in all three (as Sean did).

Fast forward to the present and in a rare like father/like son moment, Marana High’s Isaiah Roebuck has not only managed to play the same three sports for the same high school, he somehow was able to be named First Team All-Conference in all three. For his accomplishments, he is named the Tucson Local Media Athlete of the Year.

In a truncated football season consisting of only three games, Roebuck had 18 pass receptions for 361 yards (over 20 yards per catch) and three TDs. He also had two punt returns for touchdowns and nearly 200 all-purpose yards per game. But he was even better on defense, where he had two interceptions, a fumble recovery, and 36 solo tackles.

He then played basketball, leading his squad to an 8-4 record (the Tigers missed out on several big games due to COVID restrictions). Marana finished second in their region, behind only Catalina Foothills, which went on to win the state


Then it was on to baseball, the sport at which he probably excels the most. He was named All-Conference and was also named the Conference Defensive Player of the Year. Out there in the Cloud somewhere, there is a video of him (long-range, taken from a phone from behind home plate) tracking down what should have been a home run. He catches the ball and then effortlessly, without breaking stride, jumps over the outfield fence.

When looking around for a college, Isaiah was adamant that he wanted to play at least two sports in college (preferably football and baseball). That scared away a lot of recruiters who don’t like investing a scholarship on a kid who isn’t hopelessly devoted to just one sport. So, he’s off to the University of Jamestown, an NAIA school in North Dakota, where he will play his beloved football and basketball…and freeze his butt off.

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