The Pima County Health Department is seeking young adults to encourage vaccination amongst youth through a video challenge.

“We have come so far in our battle against COVID-19,” said Dr. Theresa Cullen, Pima County Health Department director. “We are excited and eager to engage with and vaccinate young adults to continue our march to herd immunity and get back to the things we love in life. We know that peer influence is significant for this age group and the #VaxTruthChallenge encourages people to share their experiences.”

As part of the VaxTruthChallenge contest, residents no older than 24 years old must create a video addressing any of the following questions:

  • • What’s the truth about COVID-19 and getting the vaccine?
  • • Set the record straight – say no to misinformation!
  • • Why does it matter?
  • • What do people need to know so they can get their shot?

Participants have the chance to win the grand prize of either a Nintendo Switch, Chromebook or an approved prize of choice valued at up to $350, while the runner-up would win a choice of AirPods, Fitbit or an approved prize of choice up to $150 in value.

The video entries must be shared on Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, using the use the hashtag #VaxTruthChallenge in the video description. The videos can be in any language spoken by communities in Pima County, including English, Spanish, O’odham and Yaqui/Yoeme.

Winners must be younger than 24 years old at the time of submission and must agree to allow Pima County to use their video on other outlets. The deadline to enter is May 17, 2021. For more information visit                     

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