Ashley Haller

Marana High School Teacher Ashley Haller receives an award for Agriscience Teacher of the year.


Agriscience Teacher of the Year. The Association for Career Technical Education of Arizona selected Marana High School agriscience teacher Ashley Haller as the Southern Arizona Agriscience Teacher of the Year. She was recognized at the 43rd annual ACTE AZ Summer Conference, with focus on her efforts to increase female students in the field and student engagement. Haller has worked in the agriscience program for six years. “Ms. Haller teaches an exceptional program that has continued to grow each year,” said John Jones, Marana Unified School District Director of Career and Technical Education. “She... has made a tremendous difference in the lives of her students and in creating a relevant learning environment. Because of her commitment and dedication to the program, students are exposed to a variety of learning activities including participating and often winning at local fair competitions.”

The New Suicide Hotline: Reddit. There are an estimated 10 to 20 million nonfatal suicide attempts every year, globally. However, most of these go unreported due to the intensely personal or possibly embarrassing aspects of suicide. While crisis hotlines exist, those at risk of suicide may stray away due to not wanting to speak on the phone with another person. However, a new chatroom on the social news website Reddit is changing the landscape for suicide help and prevention. The Reddit webpage “SuicideWatch” is nearing 100,000 subscribers. These involve users looking for help, or hoping to help others in need. This space allows people who are experiencing suicidal thoughts to post anonymously about what they are going through and receive emotional support from other users. Although users are anonymous, the SuicideWatch chatroom is believed to be particularly helpful to boys and men, as males face societal pressure to not discuss their emotions and, in the western world, males die by suicide three to four times more often than females. The chatroom runs the gamut of emotions and difficulties; while some posts are titled things like “i want to die” others read “After years of denial, I finally love myself for who I am.” 

The Motherhood Penalty and the Fatherhood Premium. Research shows that US mothers are subject to a net wage penalty of roughly 6 percent per child and are often perceived as less competent and committed due to their having children. Conversely, some research suggests men benefit from the same situations, seeing boosts in pay, as well as an improvement in how they are perceived in the workplace. UA sociology researchers recently examined these phenomena in relation to single parenthood, and found that when parents are not married, the so-called “motherhood penalty” and “fatherhood premium” seem to disappear. The conducted research involved asking 160 college students to evaluate job applications from fictitious applicants with comparable experience, all applying for the same position. Participants knew the applicants’ gender, marital status and parental status. After reviewing the materials, they were asked to evaluate the applicants through a series of questions. The experiment replicated existing evidence for a motherhood penalty and a fatherhood premium in marriage, but found this is not the case when the parents are presented as single. 

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