The Amazings in Action

“The Amazings in Action — Heroes of Tomorrow” is being shown at the Great American Playhouse.

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This summer marks a couple of major milestones for the budding Great American Playhouse. First and foremost, they’ll be celebrating a two-year anniversary in August, and what better way to celebrate such an achievement than with the debut of a brand new summer showing? 

“The Amazings in Action - Heroes of Tomorrow” is the playhouse’s answer to such a burning question, invoking all of the family friendly, frenzied fun that audiences have come to expect from throughout the organization’s nearly 700-plus days of operation. Following the popularity of its previous Disney/Pixar-related showing, “Toy Tales,” the whimsical cast of GAP mainstays are at it again, with “The Amazings,” in many ways mirroring an alternate take on 2004’s “The Incredibles.”

Following the mass retirement of superheroes across the globe, now acting as regular family units toting everyday jobs in more malaise fields, Mr. Amazing (Jose “Chach” Snook) and Elastigal (Joy Darling) are called back into action following the arrival of a mysterious supernatural presence that brings threats of world domination along with it. 

Apprehensive as they are to envelope their three super-powered children into the “hero” fold, the battle against evil becomes a family effort sooner rather than later, with amazing support offered from a myriad of characters ranging from kooky scientists to rather fabulous super-fashion designers. 

Will the power of a super family’s love be enough to save the day from the villainous Splendido? 

While GAP showings are always full to the brim with top-notch acting courtesy of local talent, as with any show, there are always a couple of standouts who manage to go above and beyond given material to offer up something more in the way they walk their walk and talk their talk. 

In equal part, this effort is shared by Jose Limon and Nick Seivert, who played supporting characters Cuckoo Chanel and Dr. Linguine — the aforementioned fabulous super-fashion designer and kooky scientist, respectively. Limon remains a master of improvisation and often breaks the fourth wall in exchange for copious bouts of laughter from the audience, invoking a stupendous amount of confidence and verve into the character. Meanwhile, Seivert acts as a true play veteran, remaining a presence oozing with natural stage energy in all that he does. Even his quietest moments are teeming with character, and his walker-based dance moves as Linguine are well worth the price of admission alone.

Also of note is Brian Paradis, who portrays “Amazing” brother, Frost Bite. Paired up with his own slew of ice-based powers and jokes to tote along with them, Paradis gladly takes on the role of class clown and runs with it, offering a great amount of physical energy and vivaciousness to his performance. Elsewhere, Jacqueline Williams does wonderfully playing the mysterious Phantasm, and the Amazings themselves are nothing to shake a stick at, either. Snook and Darling are great leads, with Amanda Venezuela (Violet), Daniel Lopez (Scott), Lydia Zadareky (Scooter) and Meghan Skorpa (Blaze) each having their moments to shine throughout the ensemble, as well, the latter four highlight just how promising Oro Valley’s youthful stage talent truly is. 

Daniel “Sly” Slipetsky acts as the glue that holds the show together, offering his impeccable musicality to the show and adding just that much more to its execution in the process.

“The Amazings in Action - Heroes of Tomorrow” will be playing through Aug. 22, making for a perfect summer getaway full of family fun.

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