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Bohen Bemoan


lections have consequences. In Oro Valley, that consequence is Tim Bohen. 

My initial opinion of Tim Bohen is that he is a bully and a very unhappy person, with little good to say about anything in Oro Valley. He seems committed to finding the worst in everything, which will only intensify the toxicity of the town council.

To further this view of Mr. Bohen, at the September 2 town council meeting, Mr. Bohen accused town staff of “altering” a document and falsifying the information being presented without any supporting evidence. Based on his history, this appears to be a harbinger of things to come for the staff.

A final thought. Where was the town council to question this allegation? Gary Cohen did nothing! The mayor should have cautioned Bohen about making claims without supporting information. It appears to me that these two are either in over their heads or just don’t care.

James Prunty

Oro Valley Resident


Belittling Bohen 



rior to the most recent Oro Valley election I made several posts on social media that were critical of now Councilman Elect Tim Bohen. I stated that a significant number of his statements were false and misleading. I also stated that Mr. Bohen was an angry man.

I based my “angry man” comments on observing him at many planning and zoning commission meetings he attended. His comments at the podium were often laced with anger and when sitting in the audience, his body language and facial expressions were those of an irritated individual.

Fast forward to the most recent town council meeting—a Zoom meeting. The Mayor called upon Mr. Bohen to speak. As part of his diatribe, Mr. Bohen accused the town staff of altering a document and falsifying the information presented.

Sadly enough, Mr. Bohen is going to be sworn in as a sitting town council member in November. He will be there for four years. I feel sorry for the town staff that are going to have to deal with him. I would hope that his “peers” try to influence his behavior. It won’t be an easy task.


Don Cox

Oro Valley Resident

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