Best real estate tips for residents to use locally

As this issue is the “Best of the Northwest”, it seems appropriate for a toplist of real estate tips. 

1. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, get the right agents to represent you, and the right lender if you need one. Vet them thoroughly, and ask for references. You need (and deserve) knowledgeable and qualified professionals serving you. 

2. If you don’t understand something – Ask. 

3. Be realistic and proactive. Don’t overprice your home and make sure it looks its absolute best and is accessible. 

4. Buying? Make a wishlist but rank it by priority. Expect to possibly have to compromise on low priority items. 

5. Keep emotions in check. Losing your cool could cost you a home or a buyer, so take a deep breath and don’t take it personally. 

6. If you are buying – get preapproved first. You need to know what you can afford, and don’t stretch the budget into one that will make it financially uncomfortable for you. 

7. If you are obtaining a loan, the AZ purchase contract has a built in appraisal clause, but if you are paying cash your agent will need to write in the appraisal contingency into the contract. 

8. Do your due diligence. Always have a home inspection and use your inspection period to really check out everything about the property and the neighborhood. 

9. Search for your new home on a site that pulls right from the MLS in real time. Zillow and Trulia are not up to date, and you could lose out on a great property if you are only using them to search. Use an app like the one at to keep an eye on the market on the go, it is updated every 15 minutes. 

10. Watch for changing market trends, and adjust accordingly. 


(Editor’s note: Hilary and Jay, of the Property Aces Team, are local REALTORS® with Long Realty, a Berkshire-Hathaway affiliate.)

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