Balance in real estate transactions

Striking the right balance and building trust are crucial components during a real estate transaction.


When people learn that we are Realtors, the question “are you buyer’s agents or listing agents?”  has arisen many times. It seems to be a popular idea that you should be one or the other – and specialize exclusively. If you subscribe to this way of thinking, ask yourself a few questions.

Firstly, does it stand to reason that there is an inherent advantage to having an agent who knows both sides of the transaction well? Can you agree that when you buy a home it would be great if your agent understood a seller’s mindset, and that the Realtor who lists your property is well versed on what the concerns and needs of buyers in the current market were?

In addition, if you are selling a home and then purchasing one, ask yourself if you want to engage two separate agents – or if you want one that you establish rapport with who can also coordinate the two seamlessly. Too many cooks in the kitchen can also spell miscommunication and details left unattended. To many people, being able to have one agent through the process that really gets to know their needs and with whom they build trust is imperative.

Only you can decide if this is an important commodity to you, but if it is you may want to quiz the agents you interview about the structure of their business.

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