Police Beat

A troupe of Ironwood Ridge High School students lost a chance to walk at graduation after they were caught vandalizing campus.

Just after 9 p.m. on Sunday, May 19, an Oro Valley Police Department officer arrived at the school after a man called in to report that some 50 students had “trashed the campus,” according to a police report.  A pair of culprits was unable to make a swift getaway.

According to the man who spotted the teens, he and others were preparing for graduation when he spotted the vandalism outside—and students began to flee to their vehicles.

The officer noted in a report that toilet paper was “strewn throughout the campus,” Saran wrap was blocking the bridge from student parking to campus, various messages (and body parts) were drawn in chalk and some kind of cooking oil was spilled near the auditorium. While there did not appear to be any significant damage, the officer wrote that “cleaning would require a significant amount of time.”

The two students admitted to taking part in the incident, and showed officers Snapchat messages from other students in which they discussed the prank. The two students were unable (or unwilling) to identify a majority of their co-conspirators, though they did drop a few names—and show officers a video of students trashing the campus.

All together, several teens admitted to being on campus, but denied taking part in any misdeeds, and were released for trespassing. The two young men apprehended by police were cited for trespassing and criminal damage and were banned from the commencement ceremony.

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