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When crime doesn’t pay

An officer, who responded to a detained shoplifter at Kohls, 7785 N. Oracle Road, was told by an employee that a female was seen on a security camera taking off a security tag from a jewelry item.

The detained shoplifter was them seen trying to take off the packaging, but wasn’t able, so she put the package back. Then the “shopper” went on to five candles, took off the barcodes and put the candles in her purse. Next on the list was a Nike tank top and sweater. She went into the fitting room, but exited with the sweater in her hand, which she returned.

Outside the store she was confronted by security and in the security office, the tank top was discovered on her, but under her clothes. She admitted she stole the candles and the tank top.

The reporting offer read her rights, then she told the offer that she came into the store intending to buy the candles for Thanksgiving decorations, but decided because they cost more than she could afford, she’d take them. She put the tank top on when she went into the fitting room and tore the tag off. She admitted she intended to steal these items.


When smoking and speeding don’t pay

An officer stopped car going 65 MPH in an area near Oracle and Tangerine roads marked 50 MPH.

When stopped, the officer asked the driver to roll down their window, but the driver told the officer that the window did not work.  The offer asked the driver if he could open the door and was given permission, according to the report.

The officer asked the driver if they knew that they were stopped for speeding, and while retrieving paperwork, the officer noticed the smell of burnt marijuana—although very faint.

When he was giving the driver citation paperwork for speeding, he asked the driver if he had a medical marijuana card and the driver said no. When the officer ask if the driver had marijuana in the car, the driver, according to the report, gave the officer a blank stare. He then told the officer he had a pipe and handed it to the officer after it was requested.

The driver was asked to step out of the car. The pipe was confiscated and the driver told the officer that the last he smoked marijuana was the night before and he spend $30 on two grams of the drug that he purchased with a friend.

The driver was cited and released for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.


When HAVING A LOUD PARTY doesn’t pay

An officer who responded to a disturbing the peace call discovered a loud party at a residence.  Upon arrival officers on the scene spoke with the homeowner, while one officer observed several people running from the house. One person was handcuffed and detained while others were rounded up to talk to other officers.

It was determined that a majority at the party were drinking and under 21. There was also the smell of marijuana coming from the car of one of the people in attendance. That person said she did not have a medical marijuana card and was then taken into custody. She said that the marijuana in the car was not hers but that of a male she brought with her to the party. A pipe was discovered, as well as a metal lid of marijuana. Another marijuana pipe was discovered near the passenger side.

The owner of the vehicle was cited and releases, and then told she could not operate a car due to the amount of alcohol she had consumed. She contacted a friend to give her a ride home.


When drinking AND DRIVING doesn’t pay

An officer monitoring traffic off Oracle Road near Calle Concordia, stopped a driver for speeding.

When he stopped, the driver struck the curb with this car. The driver told the officer that he was sorry he struck the curb, but explained that he dropped his cell phone causing him to lose control for a moment. He told the officer he didn’t think he was speeding when the officer smelled the odor of alcohol from the car. When asked for his license, the driver had difficulty getting it out of his wallet.

The driver had difficulty explaining where he was headed and while talking, the office in his reported noted that the driver’s eyes were watery and an odor of alcohol was coming from him. His speech was also slow and deliberate according to the report.

When asked how much alcohol he had consumed he said the hadn’t had anything to drink in eight month because he was on probation, but the officer noted the driver was swaying back and forth when talking and seems unbalanced.

A DUI tst was done, and officer said in report that he could not determine if driver was intoxicated without a breathalyzer test. An open can of beer was also found in the car.

The driver became belligerent and the officer took the driver to the station to complete the remainder of the testing, including a blood draw. The driver was cited with drunk driving and released.

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