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A bad idea

A woman had a night to forget at the Oro Valley Marketplace Wal-Mart Friday, June 1 when she was caught with shoplifted items and a trace amount of methamphetamine, according to an Oro Valley Police report. 

The report details how the woman was caught on the store’s cameras opening a tray of dog food and swapping out the original contents with higher-grade chow. This maneuver is why store employees initially stopped the suspect. 

A search of the woman’s shopping cart revealed an unpaid-for bottle of mascara, which the woman said she ‘mistakenly’ did not pay for. The responding officer, upon searching the woman’s possessions, found the trace amount of methamphetamines inside a coin purse, though there wasn’t enough to charge her for possession. 

The total value of stolen items in the woman’s brush with the law was a little over $24, resulting in a citation for misdemeanor shoplifting and trespassed from all Wal-Mart locations. 


Swaying in the wind

It was a no-good night for a woman in the early hours of Sunday, May 27, when her erratic driving resulted in a citation for driving under the influence. 

The woman’s wild night came to a tumultuous conclusion just after 1 a.m. when she wildly turned onto West Orange Grove Road from North Oracle Road, nearly losing control of her 2002 Toyota, before pulling into a parking lot and cutting her lights to avoid detection. 

Her attempt was in vain, however, as the OVPD officer knew where she was, wasting no time in approaching her vehicle. The woman subsequently failed multiple field sobriety tests, resulting in a citation. 

The woman blew a .159 on the department’s breathalyzer, despite telling the officer initially that she had not consumed any alcohol on the night in question, according to the report. 

Her evening resulted in a citation for DUI, in combination with one for her wide turn, before she was picked up by an acquaintance.  


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