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Naughty Nighthawks, Part Deux 

Two Ironwood Ridge High School students recently picked up possession charges after one was caught selling THC wax on campus, according to an Oro Valley Police Department report.

Around 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, Feb. 28, a school resource officer at Ironwood Ridge was informed by administration that a student was found to be selling drugs in the men’s restroom.

According to the police report, school security saw the young man and another student “conducting a hand to hand narcotic drug transaction.” When the security guard searched the young men, one was found with two vials of THC wax, one still attached to a battery used for smoking, and $60—and told the security guard he’d sold more vials to the other student.

After being read his Miranda rights by the OVPD officer, the young man said he purchased the THC vials from “a neighbor,” though he would not disclose who it was, or the cost of the drugs. The student added that he’d been selling the vials for about a month.

The young man said he’d met with the other student in the restroom by the gym with the intent of selling three vials of wax for $80. The transaction was interrupted by the security guard, who immediately asked what they were doing, and what they were trying to hide in their pockets.

The dealer was ultimately charged with unlawful possession of a narcotic, unlawful possession of a narcotic for sale, and unlawful possession in a drug-free school zone. The other student was charged with unlawful possession of a narcotic and unlawful possession in a school zone.

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