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Cruisin’ for a bruising…

A woman was cited for driving under the influence after police responded to her road rage call, at the Oro Valley Post Office location on North La Cañada Drive on Feb. 27, according to an Oro Valley Police Department report. 

The woman told officers that she was being followed, photographed and videotaped by a male in a white car, but a subsequent records check matching her description came back negative, the report said. 

According to the report, the responding officer noticed the strong odor of intoxicants on Alicia’s breath and her slow, slurred speech. She subsequently failed multiple field sobriety tests, and blew a .117 on the breathalyzer, the report said. 

The woman was cited and released for DUI-impaired to the slightest degree and DUI with BAC .080 or above. 

Spitting fool

A Canyon del Oro High School student was cited for assault after allegedly spitting in the face of a female classmate, according to an Oro Valley Police Department report. 

The incident, which occurred on March 2, involved a male student who butted into a conversation with classmates, with the male becoming abusive after being asked to leave, the report said. 

According to the victim, the male then spit into the victim’s face, before running off and yelling, ‘assault, assault,’ before the male was restrained by fellow Dorados. When asked why he spit in her face, the male said he misunderstood the group’s signals, and came over, believing they wanted to talk to him.

The male, who reportedly was struck in the face by a volleyball by one of the victims in gym class, thought the females wanted to apologize to him, and got upset when they asked him to leave, the report said. 

According to the report, the male student admitted to spitting in the air, saying it accidentally hit the victim, and that the victim then chased him while using profanities. 

The male student was cited for assault with intent to insult and was picked up by his father, the report said.


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