Oro Valley Police

The Oro Valley Police Departmentis making the public aware of several scams that recently occurred in Oro Valley.

A victim received an email from her friend through Facebook stating her friend received a prize for $150,000 via FedEx after paying taxes on the reward money, and that the victim could receive the same prize if she paid taxes on the reward. The victim believed this to be true and over the course of several weeks sent the suspect more than $28,000. The victim provided several pieces of her personal information that allowed the suspect to attempt to obtain a loan against her home.

Another scam involved a victim being told their grandson was in jail and needed to be bailed out. The victim sent more than $10,000 to the suspect. The victim was able to verify their grandson was not in jail and realized they had been the victim of a scam and called OVPD.

One scam occurred on Craigslist, where a victim posted her resume in hopes of finding a job. The victim was contacted by a person stating they had a job for her to work from home if she sent a $450 fee to activate a laptop. The victim became suspicious after the suspect requested more than $1,400 in start-up fees not previously mentioned.

A fourth scam involved a house for sale that was posted on Zillow. The suspect changed the information on Zillow and reposted the home as a rental. The victim contacted the suspect and was told to send $800 to hold the rental since other people were interested. The victim sent the money and when the suspect followed up for additional money, the victim called OVPD.

OVPD is reminding the public:

• Do not give out personal information to anyone on the phone, internet or any other means unless you first verify it as a legitimate business.

• Never provide your personal bank account, social security number or any other personal information to anyone who is calling and asking for it.

• Please keep track of your banking account activities and your credit information to ensure no one is attempting to open a credit card or loan in your name.

• If you are being told a loved one is in jail, please attempt to contact that individual and verify their location before sending money.

• If you are being asked to wire money to anyone via on-line sales website, be suspicious and verify the request.

If you have become a victim of a scam please, contact your local police agency.

For additional information please visit the Federal Trade Commissions website: http://www.consumer.ftc.gov/topics/protecting-your-identity.

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