Police Beat

A Wednesday afternoon on the green ended with strong words and fisticuffs for a group of golfers in Oro Valley.

Just after 3 p.m. on May 29, an Oro Valley Police Department officer responded to the 17th hole of the town-owned golf courses at the community center after a man reported an assault.

 Upon arrival, the officer contacted the victim, who said he was leaning against his golf cart when an unknown man approached group and yelled “What the f**k are you looking at?” The victim’s friend replied in kind, and the two parties “went back and forth for a bit,” according to a police report.

After a bit of yelling, the stranger approached, and the victim said he stood in the way to protect his friends. For his gallantry, the victim allegedly received a punch to the left cheek.

The two men cursed at one another, according to the report, and the victim eventually brandished a golf club at his attacker to force the other man to back down. 

The officer next interviewed the alleged attacker and his own group of golfers. The story was similar, though the second group said no punch was thrown, just push with an “open left palm.” According to the man who allegedly threw the punch, he believed the other group of golfers was intentionally playing slowly to mess with him.

Neither man wished to press charges, and apologized to one another in front of the officer.

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