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I smoke weed dude

Just before 2 p.m. on Wednesday, April 11, an OVPD officer traveling southbound on North Oracle Road approaching East Pusch View Lane in a marked patrol car noticed a vehicle “approaching quickly” one lane over. Once the car, which was identified as a “black newer model Nissan,” caught up to the officer, it suddenly decelerated. The officer noted in a report that the female driving the vehicle “appeared agitated as her eyes appeared to be wide open and had a scowl on her face.”

The officer lost track of the women, but rediscovered her near West Hardy Road as she passed approximately five vehicles—while driving on the right shoulder of the road. 

After stopping her, and identifying the woman, the officer noted she was “fidgety” and “animated.” As she stepped out of the vehicle, the officer saw her put items into her purse. The officer asked what she was hiding, and told the woman to empty the purse. She tried to keep the inside of her bag from the officer’s view, though her plan failed.

The officer pressed the point, and the woman finally replied: “I smoke weed, dude.”

The officer searched the vehicle, eventually finding marijuana and Oxycodone. Based on observations and discoveries at the scene, the officer believed the woman to be under the influence. 

She was later sent to the OVPD main station for testing, and carried with her charges for unlawful possession of marijuana, paraphernalia and a prescription drug (all separate charges) and a DUI.

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