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Snitches get...

A teenager was cited for underage drinking on Jan. 2 after her mother called police, according to an Oro Valley Police Department report. 

The mother called police after she grew concerned because her daughter spent an hour in the shower, according to the report. The daughter told officers that she consumed four bottles of vodka, and responded to questions about where she got the alcohol by saying she’s “not a rat and would not dime anyone out.”

The young woman blew a reading of .187 on a department breathalyzer, and was subsequently charged with Minor To Have Consumed Alcohol. 



Political vandal

A woman with an “Impeach Trump” bumper sticker had her car vandalized outside the Fry’s store on North La Cañada Drive on Dec. 30, according a police report. 

The woman found a three-inch-long scratch along the rear driver side door, with a napkin under the door handle that said, “To[sic] bad  so sad it wont[sic] happen Trump,” the report said. 

The woman told officers that she believed the scratch was a response to her bumper sticker, and estimated that it would cost approximately $100 to repair the damage. The store’s surveillance cameras did not capture the area where the woman’s car was parked. 



Burned out stoner

A teenager was cited for possession of marijuana in Oro Valley on New Year’s Day, after taking a wide turn at Steampump Road with two burned-out brake lights, according to a police report. 

The responding officer noticed the strong smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle, and the driver admitted to having marijuana inside his vehicle, and that he did not have a medical marijuana card, according to the report. 

Police searched the man’s car, finding 3.9 grams of marijuana in a black container inside the center console, and an unopened pack of rolling paper. According to the report, police also found a metal grinder with marijuana residue in it, as well as a glass pipe with marijuana residue in it on the passenger side floor board, and a glass pipe with burnt residue in the car’s trunk. The driver was cited for Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, as well as Unlawful Possession of Marijuana, and received two warnings for the burned-out brake light and obstructed driver view.

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