Police Siren

What stop sign?

One driver rolled past a stop sign in front of an Oro Valley Police Department officer, leading to the discovery of a used marijuana pipe, among other items.

Just before 5 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 4 a black Toyota truck was spotted rolling through a stop sign on Chapala at Paseo Del Norte. In his report, the officer indicated that the vehicle was travelling approximately five miles per hour. 

The officer initiated a traffic stop and made contact with the driver, who was noted as being “very nervous and deceptive.” The driver told the officer that there were no drugs or weapons in the vehicle. After looking up the driver, the officer noted a 2009 arrest for unlawful possession of marijuana.

Asking the driver to step from the vehicle, he was once again assured that no drugs were within. The officer indicated again in his report that the driver appeared nervous, his voice was shuddering and he began sweating. When asked about his physical appearance the man said he had just been playing basketball, though the officer indicated in his report that he was not dressed in a manner consistent with that activity.

After being given consent to search the vehicle, the officer quickly noted a “glass marijuana pipe” with burnt residue, a single Adderall pill and a blue container containing marijuana shake. Of greater interest, the officer also found a black ski mask, a machete, a gun holster and brass knuckles. The driver was issued a warning for misconduct involving weapons and received a citation for unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia and prescription-only pill.

Woe is whiskey

One student at Ironwood Ridge High School decided to fill a water bottle full of whisky and drink it at school. His plan came to a halt when he couldn’t handle the liquor and began vomiting, attracting the attention of not only school staff, but the school resource officer (SRO).

On Wednesday, Feb. 1 around 10 a.m. an OVPD officer assigned to the school as an SRO was informed by school staff to a student on his way to the school nurse after vomiting. The officer was also informed by the custodian that the vomit “smelled like alcohol.”

When the student arrived at the nurse, the officer was waiting, and indicated in his report that the young man was “unsteady in his seat and his speech was slow and lethargic.” The officer also indicated the presence of a slight odor of intoxicants coming from the student.

The student initially told the officer he would not take a preliminary breath test, though after speaking to his mother on the phone he did take the test, blowing a reading of .091 an hour later.

After the student’s mother arrived at the school, the young man admitted to bringing the bottle of alcohol from home, and said that two other students had taken “sips,” though he admitted to drinking most of the bottle. He was cited for minor in consumption before the school took over disciplinary actions.

The other two students were identified, though showed no signs of intoxication.

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