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Early Exposure

An Ironwood Ridge High School Resource Officer responded to an altercation on Wednesday, Aug. 22 that between a male and a female student. Nothing too unusual about breaking up a fight, even between male and female students, but the circumstances behind this particular confrontation was.

During conference period, students were sitting in the cafeteria when the male student called the female student’s friend by name, and preceded to expose himself to that friend. It was all fun and games for the flasher until the female student took matters into her own hands and confronted the male student, which led to them the exchange of hits and hard hair pulling.

This was the second time in two days that the male student had exposed himself, targeting the same classmate whom he had called by name. The first incident took place just the day before, in Spanish class, and the flasher called his witness’s attention to under the desk. 

“I saw his nuts and a little of his penis,” the victim told the reporting officer. The flasher was laughing and the witness was reportedly disturbed. The 15-year-old victim’s parents both stated they would like to press charges.

When the young exhibitionist was asked why he would do something so reckless, he responded that he thought it was funny. He also mentioned that another student from gym class did it to him, and he thought he would do it as well. 

There are no previous reports of exposures in gym class, according to the principals and officers. The flasher is looking at a total of four charges, including a felony for indecent exposure to a minor and a misdemeanor for disorderly conduct. 

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