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He Sure Decked the Mall’s Halls

A Joe Blow–type guy—who might’ve been high—went berserk in a mall Nov. 26, destroying large planters and trees and almost attacking an adult male bystander, according to a Pima County Sheriff’s Department report.

The PCSD got an “unwanted person” call one afternoon from security at the Foothills Mall about a man “running around harassing people” and “breaking and kicking things,” yelling all the while.

According to security guards following him, the man’s path of destruction began as he ran out of the movie theater into the mall’s interior, where he saw a FedEx employee standing in the hall and tried to assault him. Outside the entrance to The Vitamin Shoppe, he “took a big swing” at a large clay planter holding a palm tree, breaking the tree at its base and knocking it out of the planter.

A small posse of sheriff’s deputies learned the man had just fled to a nearby Walmart store, where they promptly converged. One officer found him in the garden section: a medium-height, moderately heavyset Caucasian male in a blue ball cap, T-shirt and jeans. After showing his ID upon request, he declared he “had to use the restroom” and started walking away. The deputy told him he wasn’t free to leave and read him his Miranda Rights; the man refused to answer questions.

He tried to resist handcuffing until another deputy came to help force him into them, sternly saying, “I’m not in the mood for that.” The man was found in possession of a “wax pen” containing cannabis oil, for which he claimed to have a medical marijuana card.

Finally subdued by several deputies, he was led to a patrol car and brought to jail for disorderly conduct, threats and criminal damage.

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