Police Beat

One woman’s work week took a turn for the worse after driving severely intoxicated through Oro Valley.

Just before 9 a.m. on Tuesday, March 19 a call was made for officers to keep an eye out for a “champagne colored” Toyota with a “Thank a Cop” sticker that was reportedly swerving into vehicles and the median along North La Cañada Drive near West Tangerine Road as the driver talked on a cell phone.

An Oro Valley Police Department Officer at the Main Station just south on La Cañada made their way towards the intersection, and was informed that the vehicle had turned into the post office on the corner. Though the officer didn’t initially spot the car, two customers were quick to point out that a Toyota just ran over several curbs in the parking lot before heading off down a private drive.

The officer eventually found the car parked “in a diagonal-like fashion” near the post office loading dock. Though the car was empty, the office noted in a police report that the hood was still warm, and there appeared to be fresh damage.

After pulling up the driver’s information, officers found two post office supervisors and requested they find the registered owner.

The woman was quickly located and brought to the officers. She readily admitted to drinking the night before and driving the vehicle that morning, though she denied talking on her phone in the car.

The officer then conducted a variety of roadside sobriety tests on the woman, who performed poorly throughout. While conducting tests, the officer noted in a report that the woman’s eyes were red, watery and bloodshot, and that a “moderate” odor of intoxicants was emanating from her.

During the single-leg lift the woman began to attempt the straight line walk, at which point the officer ended the tests.

After being read her Miranda rights, the woman told the officer that she drank three shots and an entire “small bottle of vodka” from 1 to 4 a.m. that morning. Though the suspect rated herself a “six” on a drunkenness scale, she told the officer she felt like her drinking had not affected her ability to drive.

Despite her bravado, the woman blew a .297 on a breathalyzer. A vaporizer and THC oil was also found in her front pocket, and empty bottles of vodka were found in the vehicle.

The woman was charged with a DUI, unlawful possession of marijuana and paraphernalia, and released to her mother.

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