Reports of shots fired in Oro Valley led to a residence with a rattlesnake problem earlier this month.

On Sunday, April 7, an Oro Valley Police Department Officer responded to a residence on North Chynna Rose Place after a neighbor reported hearing a gunshot around 4 p.m. According to a police report, the reporting party heard something that “sounded like a higher caliber than a handgun.”

Upon arrival, the officer ventured into a nearby wash. Seeing no signs of apparent criminal activity, the officer then moved on to a cul-de-sac with access to the wash. While in the neighborhood, the officer reported seeing a couple bringing wood into their backyard.

The officer asked the man if he’d recently heard anything that sounded like a gunshot, to which the man replied: “since you asked me I’m going to be honest, I shot a Mohave [rattlesnake] in my backyard.” The resident added that he fired a 12-guage shotgun loaded with birdshot  at the snake with that was underneath a board in his yard.

To prove his claim, the man then showed the officer the dead snake in a plastic bag, according to the report. The officer noted that “the snake was obviously dead and in pieces, but appeared to have a green tint and pattern consistent with a Mohave Rattlesnake.”

Eventually, the man told the officer he killed the snake because two of his dogs recently died from snakebites, and thought that calling the fire department to remove the snake was a “waste of resources.”

Before leaving, the office told the homeowners they would have to find a different way to deal with snakes.

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Here is just one mere example of great work by the OVPD. The responding officer could have handled the situation much differently. But he/she didn't That's community policing at it's finest. Thank you OVPD!!!!!

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