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Sticks and Stones

After calling another young man a derogatory racial term, a student at Leman Academy in Oro Valley was attacked in retaliation, according to police.

Around 10 a.m. on Friday, March 29, an Oro Valley Police Department officer was notified by the school’s principal and a police lieutenant that a student had been taken to the emergency room for injuries after two boys allegedly assaulted him at school.  

The officer was later informed that the young man who was attacked called a black schoolmate a derogatory term on social media the day before the incident.

When the other student was interviewed by the officer, he confirmed he was called the “‘N’ word,’” according to a police report. The young man also said he told two of his friends about the interaction, though he failed to mention to the two boys that the offender later apologized for the transgression. 

The two friends told police they were told about the incident Thursday afternoon, and found the boy the following morning at school. One friend admitted to pushing the offender around while the other put him in a headlock. The two friends told the boy “he shouldn’t call anyone the ‘N’ word,” according to the report.

One friend said “he was trying to give him a warning.”

An officer later interviewed the boy who was attacked, who said he was being bullied in school. The young man said that he had posted a picture on Snapchat, and that another student replied, calling him “weird.” The boy admitted to using a racial slur, and said he later apologized and said he “shouldn’t be talking like that.”

While he was being pushed around, the young man said he tripped and was grabbed by the arm, and believed he dislocated a shoulder. Though he was taken to the ER, medical staff were unable to confirm a diagnosis.

The boy’s father said he did not wish to press charges for the attack, and the school will handle all discipline. 

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