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Naughty Nighthawks

Ironwood Ridge High School’s School Resource Officer responded to a potential assault on campus Wednesday, Jan. 16 after being notified by a parent that their child was attacked by another student.

According to the police report, the Oro Valley Police Department Officer was told by the mother of a Nighthawk sophomore that her daughter was attacked on Tuesday, Jan. 15 by a freshman. The mother said the girl grabbed her daughter’s hair and threw her to the ground. The victim recently underwent knee surgery, and the fall caused her to land on that same knee, the mother added.

With parental permission, the officer interviewed the victim the following day, who corroborated her mother’s story, and followed up with a school administrator. 

According to that staff member, the attacker was angry over where the other girl was sitting in their art class. The suspect admitted to pulling the victim’s hair and throwing her to the ground, though she couldn’t recall if she struck the other girl.

Because the school already disciplined the suspect, the officer noted in his report that he would  interview her at a later date.

The following day, the other School Resource Officer at Ironwood Ridge noted in a report that an administrator received a tip that a student was smoking marijuana wax with an electronic cigarette on campus.

Staff brought the student into the office, and the young man readily admitted to having a wax pen in his backpack. After admitting to possession, the student handed over a vaporizer pen and three cartridges.

The student refused to answer questions, though he picked up charges for unlawful possession of a narcotic drug, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia and unlawful possession of drugs in a drug free school zone. 

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