Police Beat

Your brain on drugs

One man’s drug-induced mental issues led him on a journey through the desert while in a hospital gown, warranting a response from the Oro Valley Police Department.

Around 9:40 a.m. on Saturday, June 10, a member of the OVPD responded to a call at the Oro Valley Hospital after it was reported that a patient had fled from the facility. The suspect was seen fleeing from the third floor and was later reported to be climbing a tree before heading into the desert, east of the hospital. Staff also informed the police that the man’s methamphetamine addiction could cause him to become aggressive.

The man was then spotted at the nearby Walmart, where he was reportedly bleeding, carrying a bottle of Roundup and talking on a phone. Once officers made contact, the man told them he was carrying the chemicals to “protect himself.”

After being placed under arrest for shoplifting, the man began to confide in the officers. The suspect said the hospital staff was trying to kill him and that unknown people were coming for his family. He fled the hospital because of his fears and told officers he thought an armed culprit was chasing him. In his flight, he threw a rock through a car window and a window at the Securaplane building, in hopes of a police response. He also told officers his brain was “fried” from the drugs he does.

Ultimately, the man’s escapade earned him a trip to Pima County Jail with charges for shoplifting and two counts of criminal damage.

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