Despite knowing she was probably drank too  much that night, one woman took to the roads. Luckily, an Oro Valley Police Department officer was nearby to spot some of her poor driving.

Just before midnight on Saturday, June 29, an OVPD officer travelling southbound on North Oracle Road was waiting to turn left onto West Ina Road. As the officer was turning, they noticed a red vehicle ahead of them make a wide turn, ending up partially in the bike lane. After the driver pulled back into the proper lane, the officer initiated a traffic stop.

The female driver told the officer she had a drink earlier that night at the nearby Tap & Bottle, and admitted that she was unaware of her wide left turn. The woman was able to provide the officer with her license and registration, but did not provide insurance and struggled to track down her documents. While she spoke, the officer indicated in a police report that the woman had “bloodshot watery eyes” a flushed face and a faint odor of intoxicants emanating from her.

After the woman stepped out of her car, she was subjected to several roadside sobriety tests, all of which indicated some degree of intoxication; missing steps on the straight line and dropping her foot during the leg lift. Ultimately, the officer opted for a breath test, which yielded a .098 result.

The woman was placed in handcuffs just after midnight and sent to the main station for further tests. After a blood draw and hearing her rights, the woman admitted to drinking two Black Widow Ciders at the bar, stopping about 20 minutes before she hit the streets. When asked by an officer how drunk she felt on a scale from one to 10, she responded with a six, and said she could definitely feel the effect of the alcohol on her body.

When asked if she would have driven had she known she was above the legal limit, she said she would not. The woman also said she would have chosen a lift service or cab if given another opportunity.

Despite her change of thinking, she was sent on her way with a friend with charges for DUI and an improper turn.

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