Ron Beaton would have never guessed that his first owned business would result in cleaning peoples’ barbecue grills, but Tucson Grill Cleaning has proved to fill a small void in the Tucson community – one that people may not have realized until Beaton started his business in February.

After hosting outdoor barbecues on a regular basis, Beaton realized that cleaning his grill was becoming a hassle, not only for him but also his friends who hosted outdoor gatherings as well. An unclean barbecue was all it took to grab Beaton’s attention and spark the idea to start Tucson Grill Cleaning.

“I researched small business online and found the ones that are more immediately accessible often fill a niche – a product or service that people need across the spectrum. I saw that barbecue cleaning could be one of them,” said Beaton.

And easy accessibility is what Tucson Grill Cleaning provides. Open everyday but Sunday, Beaton drives to his customers’ homes where he disassembles and cleans their barbecues - a cleaning process that often takes between 1.5 and 3.5 hours.

When he arrives, the owners tell Beaton what they want and then discuss a price estimate for the labor – a price structure is available online for customers to look at beforehand. He then tests the condition and workability of the grill. After that he takes apart the inner grill and puts the parts in hot, solvent water where they soak – during that time he scrubs, vacuums and polishes the outer part of the grill. Once that is completed he reassembles the barbecue.

“There’s always that really good feeling you have after a job well done,” said Beaton. “It’s fun and I like the customer interaction with this job.”

Beaton may start to like his job even more as he recently purchased an Ultrasonic Cleaner – a machine that will clean better and quicker.

“It’s like an electronic jewelry cleaner but in an industrial size,” said Beaton. “The cleaner’s high frequency has bubbles that blast the sediments off the grill.”

Beaton wasn’t initially too sure how a barbecue cleaning business would do, but so far he is pleased with the results. He and his associate, Lonnie Campbell, altogether have about seven clients per week – most of which are on Saturday’s.   

Tucson residents can find more information on pricing and Tucson Grill Cleaning at

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