Brake Masters

Wade Wright works on the inside of a customer’s car at the Brake Masters located on North Oracle and West Ina roads. There are 12 Brake Masters in Tucson.

Founded by two brothers 30 years ago, Brake Masters is an auto mechanic shop that offers quick and efficient brake services throughout Tucson’s 12 locations.

In 1980, the two Laytin brothers in their 20s, Eric and Shalom, packed their bags in Jerusalem and flew across the ocean to establish their new permanent home in the U.S. Coming from a low-income family, both believed that the U.S. would provide more financial stability – and they were right.

Within three years of living in the U.S., the two brothers opened their own auto mechanic shop. The idea initially started with Eric, who with his auto mechanic experience opened Auto Brakes in 1982 – a two-bay garage that he worked out of for almost a year. It wasn’t until October of 1983 that Shalom joined his brother in the business. Shalom’s skills in sales and marketing helped push the business forward as the name of the store changed to Brake Masters.

The business started off slowly but over the past 30 years it has grown exponentially. The company has 55 corporate owned stores and 35 franchised stores in Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas. What is the key to their success?

“We provide fast service and take care of our customers so they don’t have to wait.

We want to minimize the amount of time as much as possible,” said Eric.

Brake Masters provides complete car care services, but is most well known for specializing in brake systems. The majority of Brake Masters employees are ASE certified and all the stores offer lifetime warranties on brakes and other selected replacements of vehicle parts. The success of Brake Masters is apparent, but what Eric prides himself in the most is their customer service.

“We’ve had millions of customers satisfied with our service. Our system is non-commission and that’s why people should come to Brake Masters,” said Eric.

“We strive to honestly fix cars instead of looking at the money first.”

Eric and Shalom work to stay up to speed on the latest improvement of vehicle parts and are always looking for more opportunities to expand their business as they hope to expand their slogan of “We give you an honest brake”.

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