Father's Day activities

Not sure what to give your dad for Father’s Day? Classic choices like a tie or cufflinks are nice, but don’t forget to give him the most meaningful gift of all -- quality time.

With a little planning, you’ll make the time spent together memorable and exciting.

“No matter what your father’s hobbies and interests are, there are affordable, fun ways for you to indulge them,” says gift-giving expert Heidi Stubler at Groupon. With over 200 million subscribers worldwide, Stubler sees a wide variety of shopping trends.  

Stubler is offering some insider tips to help stumped gift-givers plan Dad’s day and beyond with ease:

• Learn Together: Has your dad always wanted to learn to take great photos, fly a helicopter or sail? Maybe all that’s stopping him is motivation. Sign him up for a class and take it with him. You’ll both learn a thing or two and have fun bonding in the process. Find ideas and discounted tuition fees on a daily deal site.

• For Sports Fans: Plan a deep sea or fly fishing trip with your dad. If you’re novices, you can book a chartered trip, which will equip you with a guide and all the gear you need. You may just bring home dinner.

For lovers of the great indoors, consider a family night at the bowling alley or a batting cage or even indoor kart racing.

If your dad is more of a spectator guy, score tickets to his favorite team’s home game -- or even, a summer concert at his home team’s stadium! Often, daily deal websites like Groupon offer discounts on tickets, which means more hotdog purchasing power for you!

• Poker Night: Beef up your dad’s rec room with activities you can enjoy together, such as a poker set. Help him start a weekly tradition with his friends. Make the first game night special with a whiskey tasting.

• Bon Appetit: An evening out at a restaurant your dad has never tried is thoughtful yet surprisingly easy. If he is more hands on in the kitchen, help him get his grilling setup ready for summer. Or treat him to a barbecuing, beer making or homemade sausage making class. Many deal sites offer a variety of local restaurant and culinary class deals that won’t break the bank -- making it easy to splurge on a grand gesture that will make great Father’s Day memories.

• Indulge him: Treat Dad to a classic hot towel shave, a custom made suit or even interior/exterior detail for his car.

• S.O.S.: In addition to offering excellent deals, daily deal sites can provide great ideas and insight into what’s cool and convenient. Get inspiration by using free tools like Groupon’s online gift finder. The gift finder at www.Groupon.com/gifts asks you three simple questions about your dad and offers plenty of ideas based on your responses.

With a little effort and a little budget, you can make spending time with dad fun, interesting and maybe even enlightening this Father’s Day.

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