On Friday, Jan. 31, at 5:40 p.m., the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office received a 9-1-1 call regarding a shoplifting in progress at the Wal-Mart located at 1725 West Hunt Highway in San Tan Valley. The employee reported three known suspects who have been trespassed in the past from Wal-Mart were back in the store and this time they were filling a plastic bin with merchandise. The employee felt the suspects were going to steal the items. The caller then reported the suspects were running out of the store toward their vehicle, which was parked outside.

A PCSO motor deputy arrived in the parking lot to see Miguel Nino (age 22 of San Tan Valley) running toward the vehicle. The deputy parked his motorcycle in front of the suspect vehicle and contacted the male passenger (age 16 of San Tan Valley) and the female front seat passenger who was identified as Lynasie Connally (age 19 of San Tan Valley). The deputy saw the plastic bin in the back seat of the vehicle, which allegedly contained the stolen items.

The deputy put the 16-year-old in handcuffs and began to deal with Nino. Nino immediately got into the driver’s seat of the vehicle. Nino was ordered multiple times to get out of the vehicle. As the deputy was dealing with Nino, the 16-year-old who was handcuffed ran through the parking lot. Nino was able to get the keys into the vehicle, start the engine and put it in drive. As he sped away, he nearly ran over the motor deputy who was still standing by the driver’s door and he also almost hit his motorcycle.

Other PCSO patrol deputies pulled into the parking lot and a pursuit was initiated. The pursuit continued for over forty-five minutes through main roadways and residential neighborhoods. The vehicle eventually entered farm fields in the area of Sierra Vista Road and Bella Vista Road. Nino and Connally ran from the vehicle and attempted to hide.

The motor deputy got onto his motorcycle and began to look for the handcuffed 16-year-old who had run. With the help of a nearby citizen, the juvenile was located and detained. The juvenile admitted he had helped Nino and Connally steal the items from the store. The juvenile also had a pair of goggles he had stolen from the store in his pocket. The juvenile told the deputy Nino was probably armed with a handgun. The juvenile was later booked for Shoplifting, Escape and Trespassing.

Inside of the vehicle, deputies recovered $334 worth of stolen merchandise, several rounds of ammunition and a methamphetamine pipe.

A PCSO K-9 was called to the scene and began tracking the route the two suspects had run. After approximately 45 minutes, Nino and Connally were found hiding in some thick brush. Nino admitted to using Cocaine and Methamphetamines prior to the vehicle pursuit. While Connally was being taken into custody she attempted to kick a PCSO deputy.

Miguel Nino was booked into the Pinal County Jail for Aggravated Assault on a Peace Officer, Resisting Arrest, Unlawful Flight, Reckless Driving, Aggravated DUI, Shoplifting, and Possession of Stolen Property. Lyndsie Connally was booked into the Pinal County Jail for Shoplifting and Aggravated Assault.

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