Nancy Capsuto has been nominated as July’s volunteer of the month in the Explorer’s new monthly column called “Helping Hand” for Northwest Tucson.

Staff of the Explorer first met Capsuto while interviewing June’s volunteer of the month, Heidi Radtke, at the Amphitheater Clothing Bank. When asked about future nominations, clothing Bank Director Susan Canty and Radtke didn’t hesitate in nominating Capsuto.

“She is very deserving of recognition for all she does in the community,” said Canty, Capsuto’s sister.

In addition to volunteering at the clothing bank, Capsuto, retired, spends her free time running support groups at Devereux Arizona Foster Care, helping foster parents navigate any problems they may encounter.

“Anytime a foster parent needs to come in and talk about any issues that they aren’t comfortable talking about to others, they can come here,” said Capsuto, who was an acting foster parent for 12 years. “Sometimes foster parents don’t want others they work with to know they have a chink in their armor. Our agency helps foster parents with a number of issues, including legal matters, licensing, finding psychiatric services, clothing, and more.”

Capsuto said that Devereux, located at 6141 E. Grant Road, is home to a number of foster care specialists, each with a common goal.

“Retention is the name of the game,” she said. “There is such a shortage of foster parents out there. If we can keep foster parents from leaving, this is the place to do it. Here, they always have a place to go without worrying if their questions will be answered or if they will look bad.”

Capsuto said helping foster parents is not only rewarding, but in turn helps the foster children.

“It really trickles down,” she said. “If foster parents feel like they go away with a handle on a problem, that makes the parents happier. If a parent can now handle that problem when they were hopeless, they win, and the kid wins.”

Capsuto, who acknowledged her soft spot for helping children, said the clothing bank is another rewarding place to volunteer.

“It’s just as they say, giving is better than receiving,” she said. “We will clothe entire families. Some of the looks on these kids’ faces when they come in is just incredible. When they walk out with new shoes, new shirts, new underwear, and there is no worry about money, it makes a big difference.”

Capsuto said the clothing bank is in need of volunteers, and particularly in need of Spanish-speaking volunteers. Capsuto encourages people to get involved not only in the clothing bank, but with volunteering in general.

“It’s rewarding. It is,” she said. “I think if people come volunteer here for the right reason, they will love it. It’s a good group of people, and you’ll feel good when you’re there.”

The Amphi Clothing Bank is located at 3335 N. Stone Ave. behind Amphi High School. Donations can be made on-site or at Sequels Upscale Resale, 7921 N. Oracle Rd. To find out more about becoming a volunteer at the clothing bank, contact Susan Canty at 520-690-0075.

Currently, the clothing bank is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and Wednesdays from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Hours of operation may vary depending on the time of year.

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