Aging Well

Make a plan for your future health care needs while you’re still healthy. Choosing a Life Plan Community like Splendido is a good way to have a plan in place for any of life’s “what ifs.” 

Part of Aging Well is having a plan in place for dealing with health issues, both expected and unexpected. Even those who are healthy can be struck with a medical emergency that may take them out of commission for weeks. 

That’s what happened to Betty Grassmeyer, a long-time resident of Splendido, an all-inclusive community for those 55 and better in Tucson. “I was a healthy person when I moved in—very active,” she says. “But one day I was sitting for a while, got up to move, and both my feet had fallen asleep. I fell and broke both my feet!” After a brief hospital stay, Betty was directed to get a month of rehabilitative care. 

As a Splendido resident, she has access to care in Sonora, a comprehensive health center attached to Splendido’s main building. Sonora offers short-term rehabilitation in a Medicare-certified skilled nursing environment, as well as assisted living, memory support, and long-term care. As a Life Plan Community, Splendido enables residents to make a single retirement choice and access health care on-site; by moving to Splendido while they are still healthy, they are covered if a need for additional care arises. 


Entertainment Abounds

Betty says she was not bored during her stay. “My friends [at Splendido] just streamed in. And they have all kinds of activities in Sonora—games, entertainment, happy hour.” 

She even celebrated her birthday during her stay: “My family came, and my daughter put me in a wheelchair and wheeled me over to Splendido, and we celebrated here,” recalls Betty. 

She says she’s so glad she was living at Splendido when she fell. “I don’t know what I would have done otherwise,” she admits. “People may look at Splendido and think, ‘I’m not ready for that,’ but look at me—I was healthy. I just fell down.”


A Deciding Factor

Gail Jaffe and her husband Alan moved to Splendido in 2016, knowing they would have access to care. “Our biggest issue at the time was that we could get health care here later, if we should need it,” she says. “If anything was the deciding factor, it was that.”

In December 2017, Gail suffered a serious heart attack and spent 35 days in recovery in Sonora. “I was one sick puppy,” she says. “I couldn’t have been taken care of better at the hospital. I was in skilled nursing—and that’s exactly what it sounds like.” 

Gail says the Sonora staff was respectful and caring. “I could not have been in a better place with nicer or more helpful people. I felt like I was right where I needed to be,” she says. 


A Son’s Perspective

After seeing firsthand the quality of care his mother Monique received in Sonora, Richard Brinkley and his wife moved to Splendido in December 2017. “We’re in our 70s now and decided we’d come over to Splendido. If we ever had to go into assisted living ourselves, we knew what we’d be getting,” he says. “We’ve had an opportunity to look at Sonora staff; we’re there two or three times a week.”

Monique had been living at Splendido for about a year when she had a serious fall in her home in 2015 and subsequently moved to assisted living in Sonora. “She continued to have trouble moving—she kept falling—and so we moved her into [skilled nursing], where she gets care 24/7,” says Richard. “The staff is very good about communicating with us.” 

Look at your own long-term plan and consider the peace of mind offered by a Life Plan Community. Splendido combines spacious homes, a wealth of cultural and educational programs, and resort-like amenities with investment protection and health care options, so you can relax and enjoy the assurance that comes from knowing there’s a plan in place for the future. 

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