Residents of Splendido enjoy the Southern Arizona weather, while doing some exercises in the community pool.

Photo Courtesy of Splendido

Getting into the swim of things, may have more in common with the legendary “fountain of youth” than just the water alone.  Research shows that swimming regularly can improve mood and decrease risk of chronic illness. It’s also easy on older adults’ bodies, including joints and muscles. For older adults, regular swimming can even lower blood pressure, decrease disability and improve overall quality of life. For women past menopause, it can help improve or maintain bone strength. And, if you’re lucky enough to be swimming in a saltwater pool, the water is softer and easier on the skin.

That’s the case for the residents of Splendido, an industry-leading Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in Tucson, which has won multiple awards for its range of services and amenities for its 55+ community of more than 300 residents, all in a resort-style setting. As part of Splendido’s 10,000-square-foot fitness center and spa, residents enjoy a 25-meter indoor lap pool, an indoor hot tub/whirlpool as well as a free-form outdoor pool, all of which were switched from chlorine to saltwater last summer. Director of Maintenance Chris Campbell says there has been “100% positive feedback from residents who are glad there’s no more smell of chlorine or the skin irritation that can be caused by it.”

In fact, since the pools are now saltwater, Beth Ernst, Life Enrichment Manager at Splendido, says,“People whose skin was sensitive to chlorine are now coming back to swim.” Swimming at Splendido is a popular pastime. In addition to lap swimming and relaxed open swim time, Ernst and Get Fit Instructor Todd Lutz, run 9 hours of well-attended classes each week at the pool including Gentle Water, Aqua Motion and Water Walking. Residents have organized pool volleyball for themselves three times a week. Add music, a beautiful desert landscape, family members who are welcome at the pool, a fire pit, and the occasional party, and Ernst says with a chuckle that what goes on at the pool  “is about 60 percent socializing and 40 percent exercising.” She quickly adds, “If they’re not having fun they won’t come back!”

Splendido has earned more than 15 awards since 2006, including Gold Awards for best overall and best active adult community by the National Active Retirement Association. Residents enjoy living in an award-winning architectural setting, partaking in delicious meals and interesting cultural and social programs, while having access to the many diverse attractions of Southern Arizona.

Splendido is a joint venture between Mather LifeWays, an Evanston, Illinois not-for-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of older adults, and Plaza Companies, an award-winning developer in Peoria, AZ. To visit Splendido or receive more information, call 878-2612 or visit online at www.splendidotucson.com.

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