Even though life as we know it changed dramatically last year, the newest residents at Splendido, an all-inclusive community in Oro Valley for those 55 and better, say that the COVID-19 pandemic proved the ideal time to move to a Life Plan Community. While people across the country were sheltering in place at the start of the pandemic, those living at Splendido enjoyed unique conveniences, like door-to-door delivery of everything from hot coffee to library books, as well as “built-in” connection and camaraderie with other residents and staff.

In fact, a June 2020 report from senior living investment company Zeigler found that Life Plan Communities like Splendido have the best record of any type of senior living residence when it comes to limiting impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Judy Schumann moved to Splendido in November 2019, and reflects on her good timing. “I don't know what it would have been like were I still in my home,” she says. “Splendido opened a little café where they could sell us coffee, orange juice, and so forth. I, at that point, really didn't have someone to even grocery shop for me. I was very grateful to be here when it happened, truthfully.”

Residents have also enjoyed safely socializing with neighbors, getting chef-prepared cuisine delivered to their door or ready for pickup at one of Splendido’s restaurants, as well as al fresco dining on beautiful patios. There are also a variety of high-quality fitness classes, lectures, and other programs available, either virtually or with safety measures in place.

But moving takes time, and most of the residents who moved to Splendido in 2020 had planned to move before they ever heard of COVID-19. How did they feel about moving to a new home—in a senior living community, no less—during a pandemic?

A Wise Move

Roberta McNellis thoroughly researched Splendido before she made her decision to move. “I considered [the pandemic], and then again everything I learned about Splendido and what they were doing to mitigate the problem took away all the worry about it,” she says. “I just felt very safe and that I was being taken care of.”

Jim and Pepper Pfeifer began looking at senior living communities two years ago, and once they decided on Splendido, they simply moved in when their new Villa Home was ready. “The pandemic had virtually no impact,” says Jim. “I mean, I wouldn't ever consider delaying a move because of the pandemic.” Pepper adds, “It ended up being the easiest move we've made—and we've made lots of moves.”

Settling in while Socially Distancing

Once the move is over, new Splendido residents have found it easy to meet neighbors even while physically distancing. “There's a hospitality committee and they've been very good about bringing us to their patios to meet a few people at a time,” explains Pepper.

“I've just felt so welcomed. I've got a beautiful neighbor across the way and she just let me know that I was family now,” says Roberta. “Everyone I've met has been so welcoming. I just am overwhelmed.”

James Edwartoski, executive director of Splendido, adds, “Residents who moved in during the pandemic tell me they’re thankful to be here now, in part because of the services we offer to help keep them safe. We have a great group of people here who have made life during the pandemic easier, more comfortable, and even fun!”

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