Line Dancing Aging Well

Life Plan Communities like Splendido in Oro Valley offer residents programs and amenities that help them Age Well—like the line-dancing class shown above. New research indicates that these residents score significantly better in multiple areas of health than other older adults. 

How do you plan to Age Well? If you’re looking for ways to maintain good health and well-being in coming years, consider some new research findings on the benefits of living in a Life Plan Community. 

Life Plan Communities are age-restricted, amenity-rich retirement communities that invite people to live on their own terms, enjoying a host of amenities, services, and opportunities, as well as the added benefit of access to on-site health care services if ever needed. A local example of a Life Plan Community is Splendido located in Oro Valley.


A Lifestyle with Proven Health Benefits

A new study shows that residents of Life Plan Communities scored significantly better in multiple areas of health and wellness. 

The Age Well Study compared survey responses from more than 5,000 residents in 80 Life Plan Communities across the United States to demographically similar older adults who do not live in senior housing. Results of the study reveal the following: 

  • 69% of residents reported that moving to a Life Plan Community “somewhat or greatly improved” their social wellness.
  • Life Plan Community residents score significantly better in self-reported health, greater purpose in life, and lower levels of loneliness.
  • Residents in Life Plan Communities report significantly more healthy behaviors than other older adults (not just more exercise).
  • Life Plan Community residents have a significantly more positive perception on aging than their peers.
  • Residents in Life Plan Communities tend to have greater emotional, social, physical, intellectual, and vocational wellness than other older adults.

These results are from the five-year Age Well Study being conducted by Mather LifeWays Institute on Aging and Northwestern University. The Institute on Aging is the research area of Mather LifeWays, a 75+-year-old not-for-profit organization that provides senior living residences and other aging services. Staffed by esteemed researchers, the Institute is an award-winning resource for research and information about wellness, aging, trends in senior living, and successful industry innovations. 

A Local Example of Aging Well

Splendido is also part of Mather LifeWays, and residents there were some of the 5,000 Life Plan Community participants in the Age Well Study. Those age 55 and better who call Splendido home enjoy a host of services, programs, and amenities, including: 

  • a variety of homes, including Terrace and Villa Homes with one, two, and three bedrooms, some with dens
  • a fitness center and day spa including indoor and outdoor saltwater swimming pools, group exercise studio, and cardio/weight training
  • inspiring social and cultural opportunities such as featured lecturers, live music, and resident-led interest groups from line dancing to poetry workshops
  • a full-service lifestyle with various culinary package options, housekeeping, and concierge services

“At Splendido, we call it Repriorment—not retirement,” says Joan Mayer, Director of Repriorment Services. “It means discovering the joy of new directions, and having the time to develop those pushed aside (but not forgotten) priorities you’ve wanted to revisit.”

The programming plays a major part in Repriorment at Splendido—and in supporting resident wellness. “Residents report the programs and events we offer are educational, fun, and exciting. If you look beyond the entertainment value of any given program, you’ll see that we plan and select our programs with the six dimensions of wellness in mind,” says Joan. 

Programming is planned based on several factors, including input and the expertise of residents. For example, the Splendido Intellectual Pursuits Program, or SIPP, offers two “semesters” of lectures each year, covering topics from astrophysics to brain health; the entire SIPP offering is planned and managed (and typically taught) by Splendido residents.

“Research provided by Mather LifeWays Institute on Aging also contributes to some of our resident programming selections, and of course we rely on the knowledge and experience of our staff on-site,” says Joan. “From fitness classes to resident-led lecture series to day trips, we create a schedule packed with opportunities to suit residents’ eclectic tastes and interests.”


Worth a Closer Look

Splendido combines this wellness-oriented programming with quality amenities and services, all while offering the someday benefits of health care within the community. 

With all this to offer, plus the promising new research on their health benefits for residents, Life Plan Communities are worth a closer look. To learn more about Splendido, visit

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