Marana Senior Prom provides dancing, fun

The party returned to Marana once again this year.

The Marana Senior Prom Big Band Bash, presented by Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance (SAACA) and the Marana Health Center Healthcare, was hosted at the Marana Health Center, 13395 N. Marana Main Street, on Jan. 18, attracting hundreds of guests.

For the third consecutive year, the 16-piece Memories Big Band serenaded hundreds of guests to classics by such artists as Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, and Duke Ellington. 

“The music is tremendous,” said David Alegria, who along with his wife has attended the event for the last three years. “Memories Big Band is one of the best bands around. The event gives people a chance to dance to some good music. It’s an entertaining event.”

Along with the music, guests were able to enjoy a variety of other perks on Saturday, such as a car show, food from Metropolitan Grill, desserts, wine, and beer.

“It’s magical to be part of such an event to celebrate our veterans and to honor a time when grace, elegance and couples seen dancing together was considered a night on the town,” said Mary Carter, director of communications for MHC. “Many of our participants are returning for the third year. Those who have contacted us for information and tickets report they are coming back because they had a blast last year.”

The event was open to people of all ages, though it focuses largely on past trends with the the likes of Studebakers, swing dancing, and the beginning of the post-war baby boom.

Known as an inspirational group whose music has transcended the generations since the 1940s, members of the Memories Big Band group have shared the stage with legendary musicians of the past, and attracted several famous musicians under the leadership of Cliff Juergens, one of the original Kayedettes and trumpet player in the Sammy Kaye Orchestra.

“This event has been such a hit,” said Chelsey Killebrew, communications director for SAACA. “Memories Big Band, one of the best in the city, performs music that inspires people to swing on the dance floor and bring back a musical era that full of life – truly a night to remember.”

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