Daily Initiatives & Design That Are Eco-Friendly

Sustainable containers for residents’ carryout meals are just one of the green initiatives at Splendido. (Submitted)

There is no age limit for taking steps to reduce, reuse, and recycle, according to new research from Mather Institute, which reveals that preserving the environment is a top priority for people age 55 and better. Mather Institute, an award-winning resource for research and information about wellness, aging, and more, is the research arm of Mather.

Mather, along with Arizona-based Plaza Companies, owns Splendido, a Life Plan Community for those 55 and better in Oro Valley, where Mather manages day-to-day operations. Before they even broke ground on the community, the two organizations ensured that Splendido’s design would include strategies for water savings, energy efficiency, and indoor environmental quality.

“We have a stormwater management program that minimizes surface erosion, and our landscaping includes low-water-use plant material as well as more than 1,000 shade trees to reduce solar heat gain and decrease water evaporation,” says James Edwartoski, Splendido’s executive director.

Today, residents enjoy Splendido’s garden areas featuring native, reused trees, as well as indoor spaces designed to support biophilia—people’s innate instinct to connect with nature. “We wanted to showcase our beautiful surroundings in Oro Valley and spectacular views,” James notes.

Reducing Waste

In Mather Institute’s 2022 survey of older adults around the country, more than 60% of respondents noted that they engage in environmentally friendly practices at least some of the time, including separating recycling, minimizing food waste, and minimizing their consumption of energy, water, and disposable items.

Splendido residents embrace the community’s use of reusable take-out containers. “As with the general public, residents enjoy carryout meals. Who doesn’t love having the choice of eating at home and not having to cook when you may not feel like eating out at a restaurant,” says Thad Parton, director of restaurant operations for Mather.

All to-go food from Splendido restaurants is packaged in sustainable OZZI-brand containers, which can be used and reused 1,000 times before being recycled. “These containers are made from remarkably durable, BPA-free plastic, designed to withstand our commercial dishwashers, and work well with hot or cold food,” says Thad. “And at the end of their life cycle, they are 100% recyclable.”

Once residents are finished with their carryout meal, their containers are returned to Splendido’s kitchen, where staff wash and put the containers back into rotation. “Not only are the containers cost-effective, but our kitchen waste is way down as we’ve eliminated disposable to-go packaging—everyone is happy with the substantially reduced amount of plastic we’re recycling now,” says Thad.

Interested in learning more about Splendido? For floor plans, photos, and information on upcoming events, visit splendidotucson.com.

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